Caddy 640 Single Axle- The Big, Easy to Handle Trailer

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The 640S is the single-axle version of our 640 Trailer, which is also available in a heavier-duty twin-axle variant for even heavier use.

The galvanised structure is thicker than that of the smaller Caddy models, making this large trailer sturdy and rigid, yet still light for it's size and easy to handle and manoeuver.

An ideal trailer for work and business use, be it market trading, gardening or any other profession involving transportation of bulky goods, or for heavier domestic use, the Drop tail makes for easy loading, with the road lights recessed to prevent accidental damage

As with all trailers in the Caddy range, it is supplied flat-packed and simple to assemble, with of course, full instructions supplied.

In it's base form, the 640's internal dimensions measure 1880 x 1330 x 440mm, wirth a maximum payload of 500Kg, and once assembled is ready to tow, with drawbar, drop-tail kit, lighting board, reflectors and mudguards.


Caddy 640S Specifications
Internal Length (mm) 1880
Internal Length (ft/in) 6'2"
Internal Width (mm) 1330
Internal Width (ft/in) 4'4"
Internal Height (mm) 440
Internal Height (ft/in) 1'5"
Gross Capacity (Kg) 600
Estimated Payload (Kg) 500
External Length (mm) 2830
External Width (mm) 1630
External Height (mm) 850
Material Galvanised Steel
Drawbar Type A-Frame
Number of Axles 1
Wheel Position Out
Tyre Size 10.0
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