Caddy Trailer Covers - Keep it Under Wraps

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The Caddy Trailer Cover Kits are quickly and easily fitted to your Caddy Trailer. The rope cleats supplied with the kit attach to existing holes in the trailer body panels - no drilling or disturbing of the galvanised finish. The cover kit is manufactured to match the exact dimensions of the Caddy for a perfect fit. With elastic bungee cord, the cover kit keeps your load both dry and secure. Suitable for both single and twin axle, rigid tail and drop-tail variants


Fitting the cover is easy!

Each Caddy Trailer comes with side panels that are pre-drilled to accept the cover kit.
The cover kit comprises:

  • Tough weatherproof trailer cover
  • Rope Cleats
  • Screws
  • Elastic

To fit the cover simply use the included screws to attach the rope cleats to their existing mounting holes. Feed the elastic cord around the entire cover, passing through each eyelet in turn. Tie off the elastic at a corner where the knot will tuck discreetly out of sight inside the cover flap.

To use the cover simply lay the cover over the load and hook the elastic cord onto each cleat. Your load is now covered and secured inside your trailer.

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Trailer Cover Kits are available for:

Caddy 430 Caddy 530 Caddy 535 Caddy 640S Caddy 640T
Caddy 430 Trailer Caddy 530 Trailer Caddy 535 Trailer Caddy 640 Single Axle Trailer Caddy 640 Twin Axle Trailer
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