Caddy Trailer Ladder Racks

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The Caddy Trailer Ladder Rack extension kit is quickly and easily fitted to your Caddy, allowing the trailer to carry ladders or other long loads without damage to your car and without dangerous and illegal protruding loads behind or to the side of your trailer.

May be fitted either at the time of assembly or as a retro-fitted addition by replacing the existing forward corner posts. The ladder rack is available for the 430, 530 & 640 models


Fitting the ladder rack is easy!

The ladder rack uprights simply replace the front corner posts of your trailer.

The bolt-together construction of the Caddy trailer means that fitting to a trailer that is already assembled is simple - just remove the two front corner posts and bolt the uprights in their place. To fit whilst assembling a new trailer, simply discard the two front corner posts from the trailer and use the ladder rack uprights. The crossbar / ladder support bolts in place to the pre-drilled holes.

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Ladder Racks are available for:

Caddy 430 Caddy 530 Caddy 535
Caddy 430 Trailer Caddy 530 Trailer Caddy 535 Trailer
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