Caddy Trailer Spares

Caddy Trailer axles in our warehouse facility

Spare parts are available for your Caddy trailer in the event of accidental damage.

The self-build nature of the Caddy trailer means that each and every component and panel is easily repaired or replaced, should you be unfortunate enough to damage your tough and durable Caddy.

No welding is required to replace any part. Replacement suspension beams come pre-assembled, fitted with new hubs to simply bolt into place. Although all running gear is designed for a long working life, replacement hubs and bearings are available should the hard-working trailer require replacements.

Unlike many imported trailers, we use UK standard components and sizes in the manufacture of the Caddy trailer. This means that, although we can of course supply all the spares you are ever likely to need - should you find yourself in need of an urgent spare part, you will be able to find what you need locally or from our network of caddy trailer stockists. Wheels are standard 4" PCD with standard sized tyres - no need to order an obscure size from overseas.

Please contact us with your requirements should you require our spare parts service.


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